• Interior, sitting area
  • Staff member preparing drink
  • Tacos and sauce served on the plate. Beer in the back
  • Four coctails, closeup

The Racks Saga

About us

Many years ago while roaming the earth for a great view, we had an epiphany. All the elaborate nonsense and fun that we had grown accustomed to throughout our lives was to finally be for a greater purpose! A purpose to not change what was not broken! A purpose to take great pride in carrying on traditions! A purpose to never let the fun die!

And so with all this newfound purpose, we decided to embark upon a major undertaking: To open a place where people of their caliber could gather and quench their thirst for the finer things in life.

Now, what to name the place? Simple. What else for the land of 10,000 Racks?

So, “Racks” it is. Not very fancy, but it will do
just fine for now.

And what else brings a gleam to man’s eye besides the coldest beer in town, chicken wings, burgers, racks of ribs and an occasional winning sports season?

The Racks Girls!

Anyway, all that you see around you is the end result. So please sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. You are now in our paradise, my friends!